Case AV Custom Rental

When challenged by Case AV to provide them with an amazing looking exhibit with a low budget, we proposed doing a high end rental that would fit all their criteria and really make them stand out at the Dish Network Summit.  With them only doing one show a year it didn’t make sense to buy the exhibit.  We proposed doing a lot more with a custom rental, but did everything we could in the design to make it look like a brand new exhibt.  The structure consisted of some existing panels re-laminated to a blue color, added some extra elements, and then topped it off with a back lite graphic to tie it all together.

After the show it was definitely the right move because everybody compliment them on their exhibit.  In stead of blending in with a lot of the same type of exhibits you typically see in a 10’x20′ booth space, they went above and beyond to make their brand make an impression.  One of the best parts about this, is that we can completely change the design for 2017 and hopefully get more budget to work with and get real creative.