Apartment List Alcatraz Themed Exhibit

With the National Apartment Association Show being in their home town of San Francisco, Apartment List wanted to do an Alcatraz Themed Exhibit for their exhibit.  Not only did they want the exhibit to look like an actual jail cell in Alcatraz they wanted to tie in a party they were hosting on the actual island.  They were giving away tickets in the booth for the boat they charted to take guest back and forth to the event.

The exhibit consisted of modular components for the back wall with one large SEG Graphic that resembled the colors of the walls in Alcatraz.  They wanted a custom jail cell for semi-private meets complete with a cot and a toilet, which we were able to do with a sliding jail door.  We also designed two custom Ipad looking kiosks with two 40″ monitors that were flipped vertically to show how their website worked on mobile devices.

The show was a huge success and client couldn’t have been happier.